Camping the Grampians

 I’ve been getting some good comments on the blog, thank you for that. But I am wondering if it lives up to the expectations enough. I mean, maybe I should be putting some useful travel info in here. Places to have a stop, things to see, stuff to avoid, … some useful tips next to my everyday stories and quests. Since this is pretending to be a guide for people who desperately want to travel but don’t know where to start, right? Because they’re too lazy to look into things properly or they just don’t like to prepare too much cause it spoils all the fun. I mean when you watch your favorite tv show, do you want to know in advance how it ends? Then why would you do the same with traveling? Or life in general?

The way I travel is ‘on good fortune’.
I just hitchhike my way from one adventure to the other, basically. Not literally since it almost got two backpackers killed a few days ago in Salt Creek! I mean hitchhiking figuratively speaking. Like surfing someone’s wave for a while to roll from one adventure into the other. I always had the luck of meeting a person to take me on an exciting road, dropping me off at the next intersection where I continue from there.
I guess if you’re just clueless enough, the uni will give you an extra hand. I mean the universe not the university. And it saves you loads of research. Don’t worry you’re using people. You’re not. Lots of backpackies do it and put ads up on Gumtree (it’s a very famous and useful advert website) to find travel companions because a) their basic travel skills aren’t developed enough, b) they feel lonely, or c) because two heads think better than one. Two wallets definitely afford more than one too. Just make sure you don’t cling on to someone for too long, you still have to make your own journey. Not follow someone else’s.

So this national park -The Grampians- where I’m currently at is apparently the mekka for climbers. Didn’t even know that until someone pointed this out on my FB after I checked in..  Errrr I just ended up here on my way to Melbourne. Me and Pierre (my French buddy from the farm) were looking for a free camp (they’re free camping spots for backpackers and they’re awesome!) At least this one is awesome. We arrived and saw two wallabies having a picknick right at our spot. You don’t have to make reservations. You can come and go whenever you feel. And if you’re lucky there are even showers and toilets.
We just came here to get our hikes up and found it through an app called Wikicamp. Gee, Gumtree and Wikicamp you basically know the two tools to make you a real backpacker. Is this a great guide or what??

We’re not pro campers or anything. We just sleep in the car. I’m writing this while the handbrake is sticking into my spine. I’ve just watched the stars fade out through the windshield and felt inspired to write this while little bugs are flying into my screen, trying to eat all the letters. Yes, I’m typing all this on my phone. It’s bugs galore over here.
There are definitely some snakes out here too.


And spiders. And the shingleback lizard.

oh my!

This is the one. Funny looking creature. With his stumpy tail, it looks like it has two heads.

Picture 2016-02-15 om 09.14.01

lizard of oz

(This is what happens when I can’t sleep…)


You’ve read a few of my inserts. You’ve seen how my brain works and likes to link certain happenings to certain familiarities. Mostly movie scenes or quotes.

Well in real life my brain also likes to look for connections to make. I believe some things in life don’t just randomly happen. I see connections flying all over the place. Maybe they’re not always there. But I like to believe they are. For instance what are the chances you travel all the way to the other side of the globe to arrive on a farm to find there not only an organizer with all your favorite DVD’s. But also an iPod belting out all of your favorite songs. Songs that defined some serious moments in your life. It almost felt like I had arrived in an alternate universe where I don’t just take a walk Down Under, trying to define my future, but am actually being forced to a trip down memory lane as well. Some of the songs I heard on the farm couldn’t have possibly been there… And yet they were coming out of an iTunes play list. Vomiting them out. Catapulting me back to some defining moments in a not so far away history.

Why did I want to come to Australia, actually? I can think of a couple of reasons, but I only made those up right after Oz crossed my mind. Was it a subconscious thing? To send me to a place where I would look at things from a different perspective? I mean, Australia, the land Down Under, a land of antipodes, … Sounds like THE destination for it…

Sometimes I feel like the universe is playing a trick on me. On all of us, actually. To see if we really see. I think it is constantly putting things in front of our nose. Making things clear to us, making us see connections. Only it’s mostly what happens when you hold a carrot in front of a rabbit’s nose. His eyes won’t see it cause he is too focussed on the surroundings instead of seeing what’s in front of him.

Woow, I got a bit spiritual there, didn’t I?

These forest scents most have gotten to me.

Or probably it’s from all the thinking while hiking. The hikes here sure are beautiful. The Grampians is definitely a must see. Make sure you go all the way up The Pinnacle. It’s quite challenging and for the energetic hikers among us but the top view is spectacular. Also on the way up there you’ll encounter some pretty amazing backgrounds to feed your Instagram…well ahm… feed. Also make sure you see The Canyons and The MacKenzie falls. They’re a beaut.

backview mirrir

En route to the Grampians


MacKenzie Falls


Grand Canyon


The Pinnacle

The day after Pierre and I felt like hiking some more and we went to Cape Bridgewater. It was a 11K hike (return) along the cliffs and coastline eventually leading to a lookout where you can spot a colony of 650 Australian and New Zealand fur seals. You have to take some binoculars with you. Or a big camera lens. And water. And sunscreen. And a rain coat. And a towel. We had all kinds of weather going there, including some harsh showers on the way back. It felt like a mini hail storm. But the walk is very pretty and mostly flat. You can even do it on thongs.


“Where are the seals, I CAN’T SEE ANY!”


Cape Bridgewater


So to answer my initial question: Is this a even a guide? Damn right this is a guide! A guide to show you you don’t need a guide at all. A guide to send you on your way to explore yourself, eventually leaving you with a bit more of a clue of what life is about. What YOUR life is about. Just follow your nose and go with the flow. You’ll be fine. And if you’re not, you will be eventually. Not all things go well or as smooth as you would have hoped.  Just remember something good (or even better) will come along soon. Just keep those beady little eyes open and make sure you don’t miss it.

Always remember to write your own story. Don’t follow chapters others lay out for you. Make it a beautiful story to tell, guys!


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