Good bye Port Willunga

First week has passed and it’s time to say good bye to the host family in Port Willunga. I’ve had a wonderful stay with Goedele, Nairn, baby Finn and Weimaraner Lucy. I could easily stay here for another month, but it’s about time I find a job and work for my food and accommodation. Since today’s Australia Day we decided to take the barbie out and have our final lunch together.

Picture 2016-01-26 om 09.08.59

willunga.jpgI’m really going to miss this lovely family. My bike and pink helmet. Maccas (McDonalds) where I spent quite some time on the internet and of course this wonderful beach. Yup this is definitely a place I will never forget.


BTW: Yesterday we went snorkeling in port Noarlunga. I jumped off the jetty (about 5 meters high) into the deep blue. It was only later I found out there was a 7 meter large shark spotted around Adelaide’s coast just last week. Gulp.



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