The great and powerful OZ!

First stop of my great adventure: Australia!


As you know or may not know I left for Australia on monday January 18th. My happiest Blue Monday to date.

After a flight of almost 20 hours, I arrived safely in Adelaide around 10 pm. I found a place to stay with my best friend’s niece where I currently have a room and a bath room all to myself. Heaven. Today I went to have lunch at Rosey’s with some fellow Belgians and went for a bike ride to Willunga Beach. Pink helmet included.

willunga beach.jpg

Not only locals say it’s the most beautiful beach in the world

pink helmet 2



One comment

  1. Dora · January 24, 2016

    Wauw, wat een leuke blog Lientje :). Geniet er nog lekker van en groetjes daar! #trotsopjou

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